Hire a Deportation Lawyer in Turkey

5 Reasons to Hire a Deportation Lawyer in Turkey

Facing deportation can be a complicated and stressful situation. No matter whether you are facing visa violations, asylum issues, or other immigration challenges, having an experienced deport lawyer in Turkey on your side can make your case more successful. Still confused about how hiring a deportation lawyer

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How Can You Get Turkish Citizenship

How Can You Get Turkish Citizenship 2023?

How to get Turkish citizenship? How to become a Turkish citizen? The easiest and most practical way in the legislation is to become a Turkish citizen by purchasing a property for 400 thousand dollars. This is called Turkish Citizenship by Investment in the literature. How to Get

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What is Legal Counseling?

What is Legal Counseling?

We may encounter problems in all areas of our lives, economic changes, business life, family relations and many other areas that require legal disputes and resorting to courts. For this reason, many individuals and businesses need legal advice and legal services and look for an expert lawyer.

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What is Alimony in Divorce Case, How is Alimony Determined?

Alimony in Divorce Case in Turkey

In the divorce case, the issue of alimony is important because the issue of alimony affects the divorce process and the post-divorce process of the spouses. In this article, “What are the types of alimony?”, “How is alimony requested?”, “How is alimony determined in divorce?” and “What

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What is Expropriation? What are Expropriation and Expropriation Lawsuits?

What is Expropriation Lawsuit?

Expropriation or expropriation is a legal term that means the transfer of a privately owned property (building, land, flat) to state/public ownership. As in many societies, the protection of property is one of the most important values in all developed legal systems. However, in exceptional cases and

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