Cebeci&Bayram Law Firm provides legal consultancy to the clients who wishes to start a business in Turkey such as setting up a company, purchase a property , contract writing etc. We do background check of the seller company and title itself to see is there any mortgages or confiscation. Also we will be with the client on the signature date to make sure everything goes smoothly. Since there is a lot of scam is happening regarding purchase a property matter, we highly recommend clients to hire a lawyer to manage the process.

I would like to convey the word of an elder. “People come to a lawyer not before they start work, but after they ruin things.” In fact, most of the disputes we encounter in practice are caused by measures that were not taken in the first place. Failure to annotate the promise to sell the immovable property to the title deed causes the transfer of the immovable to a third party, and the failure to receive valuable documents regarding the debt will make it difficult to prove the debt. However, if the consultancy of a lawyer is taken before starting a commercial relationship, it will be possible to avoid long-term trials and to gain the right immediately. For this reason, the importance of getting legal advice is undeniable.

On the other hand, getting services from a lawyer is not just to issue a power of attorney and follow up the case. Many professional services such as contract writing, petition preparation, and expert opinion are also within this scope. We also provide these services at affordable costs to our clients who only request a professional lawsuit or response petition, whose financial situation is not favorable.