Cebeci & Bayram Law provides legal services to its clients in the establishment of a registered company in Turkey. In order to establish a legal basis for the trade of foreigners who want to invest in Turkey. Types of companies are given under general headings in Article 124 of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102. Accordingly, there are 5 different trading companies. We can list them as follows:

• Joint Stock(Incorporated) Company

• Limited Company

• Collective Company

• Limited Company

• Cooperative Company

Each type of company has its own characteristics, pros and cons. As Cebeci & Bayram Law, we tell our clients which type of company is most suitable for the job they are planning, and we provide legal services during the establishment process of the company. After the company is established, we provide services in the execution of the company in accordance with the Turkish legal rules, preparation of contracts, employee-employer relations and all litigation and legal affairs with a monthly consultancy system.

Our Law Firm’s company lawyers in Turkey provide consultancy services to our Clients in arranging the relations between the companies and the personnel, taking the decisions of the board of partners or the board of directors, and in all other matters that may arise during daily operation.

Our Law Office offers joint venture contracts, share transfer contracts, international and national commercial purchase-sale contracts, debt-receivable liquidation contracts, leasing contracts, management contracts, supply contracts, malpractice contracts, sponsorship contracts, lease contracts, real estate sales promise contracts, legal and other consultancy services contracts, service contracts, work contracts and all other contracts required by the companies, in accordance with the needs of the Clients and in order to eliminate the risks that may arise in the future, and in this context, represents the Clients in the negotiations regarding the contracts.

Our company lawyers in Istanbul also provide legal support for the restructuring of companies so that daily operations can continue in a healthy way.

Company Establishment Procedures

Merger, Acquisition and Division Transactions

Termination and Liquidation Procedures

Registration of Company Shares in the Capital Markets

Articles of Association Changes

Capital Increase Transactions

Preparation of Contracts

Making and Registration of Decisions of the Board of Shareholders or the Board of Directors Structuring and Registration of General Assemblies of Joint Stock Companies