Law on Foreigners and International Protection” drafted by Ministry of Interior was adopted in General Assembly of the Parliament on 04.04.2013 and dispatched to the President. Law 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection (LFIP) was approved by the President on 10.04.2013 and published in the Official Gazette No. 28615 dated 11.04.2013.
Law on Foreigners and International Protection includes three main parts: foreigners, international protection and Directorate General of Migration Management.

Article 91 of the Law 6458 regulates;

the actions to be carried out for the reception of such foreigners into Turkey; their stay in Turkey and their rights and obligations; their exit from Turkey; measures to be taken against mass influxes; cooperation and coordination among national and international institutions and organizations; determination of the duties and mandate of the central and provincial institutions and organizations shall be stipulated in a Directive to be issued by the Council of Minister.

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