Real estate law is the area of ​​law that governs buying, using, and selling land. It’s the law that governs how people acquire property and what they can do with the property that they own. Real estate law is also called real property law. We are at your service with our competent lawyers in order to solve the problems that our clients experience while owning a house in Turkey and after they own it. Our property lawyers in Turkey can solve the problems before they arise by accompanying the transactions made in the land registry and the notary public.

Cebeci & Bayram Law Firm gives consultation to clients who wish to purchase a property in Turkey. We do background checks of the seller company and title itself to see is there are any mortgages or confiscation. Also, we will be with the client on the signature date to make sure everything goes smoothly. Since there are a lot of scams happening regarding the purchase of a property matter, we highly recommend clients hire an experienced property lawyer in Turkey to manage the process.

It’s common in Turkey for construction companies left the building unfinished and cause aggrievement. During this kind of events, the most important thing is act fast. Vendors give promises to earn some time to carry their Money to his other companies. As Cebeci & Bayram Law, we take a precautionary lie on the company in order to protect the rights of our clients.