Comprehensive Criminal Attorney Services in Turkey

Cebeci & Bayram consists of Turkish Criminal Defense Lawyers in Istanbul specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activity.

We’ve been providing support to our clients at every stage of Turkish Criminal Law in Istanbul. Our attorneys are composed of Criminal Lawyers in Turkey specializing in the field of Turkish Criminal Law. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers always provide legal support to their Clients and always stand by them while at the investigation phase, when their Client is detained by the police, when their homes are being searched, when their offices are being searched or when they face a judge due to arrest. With over all these years of experience, our Criminal Lawyers in Turkey are providing everything they can for their Clients to make their Clients feel safe at the police station, prosecution office as well as in court.

Role of Criminal Lawyer in Turkey  

Criminal lawyers are legal specialists who hold a crucial role in protecting the rights of clients throughout the legal process. They represent individuals facing criminal proceedings. 

Legal Counseling: Preparing a solid defense strategy is pivotal for ensuring the best outcome possible for a client. 

Analyze Evidence: Reviewing the evidence to identify inconsistencies or weaknesses is a crucial part of the role of a criminal lawyer. 

Representation of the Accused: Before the court, during procedures, the lawyers represent the clients to protect their rights. 

Compensation of the wronged Defendant: The legal assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer in Turkey ensures that the damages suffered by the defendant due to unfair trial are fully compensated.

Represent Complainant: When a victim is harmed by a crime, they provide legal assistance to victims for reconciliation and compensation of damages. Legal assistance helps victims use their rights effectively.  

Types of Criminal Cases in Turkey

Drug offenses: Drug crimes are sensitive and carry severe penalties. A criminal lawyer in Turkey ensures a fair trial and protects your rights. 

DUI Defense: DUI offenses can lead to hefty lines and license suspension. Your criminal lawyer can mitigate the serious repercussions of the charges with a strong defense strategy. 

White Collar Crimes: If you are facing white-collar crimes such as fraud or embezzlement, a lawyer can build a strong defense strategy against serious charges. 

Sexual Assault Charges: The allegations are sensitive and can have serious repercussions. Having an experienced criminal lawyer on your side can ensure a fair trial. They possess the skills to uncover hidden evidence that may prove your innocence. 

Our Approach to Protect Your Rights  

Initial Consultation: This is a crucial meeting where our experienced criminal lawyer in Turkey will discuss your case and create potential strategies. 

Build Your Defense: After analyzing your case, your criminal lawyer will start building comprehensive defense strategies tailored to your specific situation. 

Courtroom Representation: Your lawyer will present your defense and challenge evidence in court to safeguard your rights.

Verdict and Sentencing: Once the courtroom proceedings conclude, you will receive a verdict. If the verdict is not favorable, a criminal lawyer can also help in negotiating the sentence.

Why Choose Cebeci & Bayram?

Extensive Experience: We have experience in handling numerous complex cases and achieving positive outcomes for our clients. 

Client-focused Service: We prioritize close collaboration and transparent communication with clients throughout the legal procedure. 

Tailored Approach: Our team of criminal lawyers understands that each case is unique, providing personalized attention to develop defense strategies that align with the specific circumstances.

Comprehensive Knowledge: At Cebeci & Bayram, we understand the seriousness of criminal law cases in Turkey. With in-depth knowledge of Turkish criminal law, we are well-equipped to provide comprehensive legal guidance to clients facing criminal cases.

Solid Reputation: With professionalism and integrity, we have gained a strong reputation in the legal community.

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