Entering a new market is a challenge and you need to conduct research. To understand the market dynamics and local preferences. The Turkish market is no exception, and it comes with its own set of challenges.

With the assistance of a company lawyer in Istanbul. You can overcome various challenges of doing business in Turkey.

Here are the different challenges of doing business. You can overcome with the assistance of a company lawyer in Turkey.

Bureaucracy and regulatory Challenges

The complex bureaucracy and regulatory issues make it a challenge for foreign investors. To adapt to the local practices of doing business. Legislations and regulations are subject to frequent changes. Which can make it a challenge for companies to adapt to the changes quickly. Collaborating with local partners or law firms can help you overcome this obstacle.

Communication Challenge

While English is spoken widely in major cities like Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. The number of English speakers in less-developed areas is low. This can result in communication problems for foreign investors doing business in Turkey. To overcome the communication barriers. Written communication in the form of emails, contracts, and formal letters. It is an effective approach to convey the intended message correctly.

Challenges with Payments and Exchange Rates

The fluctuations in currency rates in the Turkish market. It can pose problems for foreign companies importing from or exporting to Turkey. This issue can be addressed by discussing the exchange rate level with your local partner. You can also include payment terms and FX rates in the contract. To overcome currency and payment risks.

Local Competition

When a foreign company decides to enter the dynamic and vibrant Turkish market. Local competition is also a challenge. The local competitors operating in the sector. For years are likely to offer low prices compared to foreign companies. Foreign companies need to localize their offerings to address. The demands of the market and become a preferred choice for local consumers.

Regional Variations

Turkey is a country with diverse cultural traditions. Which also play a significant role in shaping. The investment opportunities and economic landscape in the country. For foreign companies looking to establish a successful business in Turkey.  It is critical to understand the regional variations.

It is also important to approach the Turkish market. While recognizing and respecting regional differences of the region. This includes adapting strategies and marketing approaches that suit the characteristics of a specific region. Flexibility and adaptability are key for foreign companies. To establish a stronger connection and get a competitive advantage.


As a country with enormous opportunities, Turkey is attracting foreign companies and investors. There are many opportunities in the context of doing business in Turkey. Taking advantage of investor friendly policies, better infrastructure and improving quality of human resources. However, doing business in a new market. It is not easy and includes dealing with various challenges.

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