Contracts are written agreements between two or more parties, and the parties must agree by all the terms written in the contract. They act as legally binding between the parties and can be used to resolve disputes and prevent misunderstandings and disagreements.

Contracts are used in Turkey for property rentals, hiring employees, business agreements, sale of goods or services, and borrowing money.

If you are about to enter into a contract, here are the things that you should know to protect your rights, and you should work with a reliable Turkish lawyer to get things done right.

Types of Contracts in Turkey

The contracts in Turkey can mainly be categorized into three types – Civil contracts, commercial contracts, and administrative contracts. Civil Contracts are regulated by civil law such as wills, gifts, and barter. While commercial contracts are related to transactions such as real estate, buying, selling, and supplying. The third category is administrative contracts that regulate the conduct of administrative work.

Role of the Lawyer in Drafting Contracts in Turkey

The role of an attorney in Istanbul is to ensure that the contract is drafted with clarity leaving no confusion or loopholes. Lawyers must consider all possible scenarios. To prepare a contract that protects the rights of individuals, companies, and businesses. The lawyers also play a role in resolving disputes that may arise from the contract.

Use of Language in Contracts

Turkish companies and enterprises are required. To use Turkish in all contracts, records, and communications within Turkey. Under this law, foreign companies that operate in Turkey. Have contacts with Turkish companies. The Turkish State is also required to use the Turkish Language.

Also, in case the contract is subject to the approval of a foreign authority. It is written in a foreign language and needs to be translated into Turkish.

Notarization of contracts in Turkey

Notarizing a contract in Turkey is not mandatory. But it helps avoid potential disputes in the future. Real estate contracts, rental contracts, power of attorney documents, and marriage contracts. These Contracts are commonly notarized in Turkey. To determine whether the notarization of the document is mandatory. Consult with a lawyer before entering into a contract. The notary fees may vary according to the type of documents and the number of words.

Termination of Official Contract in Turkey

The termination of official contracts may be due to various reasons. Related to the origin of the contract. For Example, A lease contract can be terminated due to negligence of the tenant. Defect in the property, delay in payment, or any reason specific to the contract. In such a case, the contract can be terminated by filing a lawsuit with the competent judiciary.

Significance of Electronic Documents in Turkey

Electronic contracts are recognized and treated as valid and enforceable as paper contracts in Turkey. One of the most important requirements is that. It should be a signed electronic document such as PDF or email. However, contracts that involve family law, personal rights, inheritance law, or real estate cannot be concluded electronically.


These are some of the things you need to know about official contracts in Turkey. To be fully aware of the legal effects of the contract. Seek the assistance of a Turkish lawyer before entering any legal contract.