What is Legal Counseling?

What is Legal Counseling?

We may encounter problems in all areas of our lives, economic changes, business life, family relations and many other areas that require legal disputes and resorting to courts. For this reason, many individuals and businesses need legal advice and legal services and look for an expert lawyer.

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What is Expropriation? What are Expropriation and Expropriation Lawsuits?

What is Expropriation Lawsuit?

Expropriation or expropriation is a legal term that means the transfer of a privately owned property (building, land, flat) to state/public ownership. As in many societies, the protection of property is one of the most important values in all developed legal systems. However, in exceptional cases and

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Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship By Investment in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most preferred destinations for investors looking to obtain multiple citizenships. The wide variety of investment options gives foreign investors the option to choose among several asset classes. Cebeci Bayram Law is a Trusted Turkish Law Firm specializing in matters pertaining to Turkish

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