Expropriation or expropriation is a legal term that means the transfer of a privately owned property (building, land, flat) to state/public ownership. As in many societies, the protection of property is one of the most important values in all developed legal systems. However, in exceptional cases and due to necessity and general need, a property belonging to private property may be converted into public property by the state by paying a price.

What Can Be Expropriated And Expropriated?

Any property belonging to individuals, whether registered in the land registry or not, can be expropriated. This means that all independent sections registered in the condominium registry, which are fields, lands, lands with or without buildings, resources, independent and permanent rights (easement rights such as construction rights) and independent sections (e.g. an apartment) registered on a separate page in the land registry can be expropriated. It means. Condominium Ownership Registration may be subject to expropriation procedures.

Movable property cannot be expropriated. However, in exceptional cases, movable property can also be confiscated, provided that the price is paid. This situation is called exploitation. Expropriation has nothing to do with expropriation.

Which Institutions Can Expropriate, Expropriate?

Expropriation should be done by a public institution (ministry, municipality, etc.) with public authority. Public institutions and organizations (such as State Hydraulic Works, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, General Directorate of Highways, Tedaş, Teiaş) under the authority of the relevant ministry can expropriate.

Which Institutions Can Expropriate, Expropriate?
Which Institutions Can Expropriate, Expropriate?

What Should You Do If Your Property Is Expropriated?

You have the right to object to all expropriation procedures. You can start this appeal procedure with a real estate law attorney who specializes in expropriation cases. As Cebeci ve Bayram Law Firm, we are specialized in expropriation cases as an authorized law firm in real estate law. You can contact us through our communication channels to review all your expropriation objections.