Foreigners who want to get married in Turkey frequently ask questions such as how to get married in Turkey, can foreigners get married in Turkey, what are the documents for marriage in Turkey, getting married in Turkey. In this article, we will answer related questions.

The Turkish Civil Code and Law applies to all marriages in Turkey between people stay with residence permit, visa, asylum seekers, refugees and stateless persons who do not have a passport of any country, as well as all Turkish citizens, between each other or with a Turkish citizen. According to Turkish law, a Turkish citizen can marry a citizen of another country, an asylum seeker, a refugee or a stateless person who does not have a passport. Or, two foreigners can also be married by the Turkish authorities. The only criteria is both parties must be legal in Turkey. Foreigners who entered Turkey illegally can not marry in Turkey. All marriages made by the Turkish authorities are subject to the Turkish Civil Code and related regulations.

What are the Marriage Conditions in Turkey?

Marriages are made by marriage officers authorized by the municipality and an international marriage certificate is issued to the persons. As stipulated in the Turkish Civil Code, only civil marriage is legally accepted in Turkey. There is no other type of marriage recognized in Turkey other than the civil marriage. However, the General Directorate of Migration Management, which collects IDs from foreigners in Turkey, considers religious marriages valid based on the declarations of Syrian nationals when they cannot provide the necessary information/documents due to the war. Civil marriage is important in terms of securing the rights of children and spouses, especially women.

What is the Marriage Age in Turkey?

According to Article 124 of the Turkish Civil Code, “A man or woman cannot marry before the age of 17. However, in exceptional cases, for a very important reason for persons over the age of 16, the judge may allow a man or woman to marry. If possible, before the decision is made, the parents are consulted. An informal marriage with a child is considered child abuse under the Turkish Penal Code. Perpetrators are punished, including imprisonment. Government agencies, health and education institutions and non-governmental organizations are obliged to report children at risk of protection to the Turkish authorities. In addition, anyone who sees that a crime has been committed must report the situation to the authorities.

What are the Conditions of Marriage in Turkey?

According to the Turkish Civil Code, couples must meet the following conditions in addition to the age requirement in order to get married:

1) Only mentally stable persons can marry; Mental illness is an obstacle to marriage.

2) Close relatives marriages are prohibited. In this regard, marriages between siblings, uncles, uncles, aunts and nephews are prohibited.

3) Even if the marriage is between adoption and adoption or between the descendants of one of them and the spouse of the other, and even if the marriage establishing the kinship relationship has ended, the marriage between one of the spouses and the spouses is prohibited.

4) If one or both spouses who want to get married are already married, the previous marriage must be terminated first. Polygamy is prohibited and criminalized under the Turkish Civil Code; This rule applies to both Turkish citizens and foreigners, including refugees.

5) If the marriage is dissolved, the previously married woman cannot marry until three hundred days after the marriage ends. However, if the woman presents a health report stating that she is not pregnant, the waiting period of three hundred days is not applied.

What Documents Are Required for Marriage in Turkey?

The marriage process is a very difficult and troublesome process for foreigners. Collecting the documents and obtaining the health report requires a certain amount of time. Cebeci&Bayram Law Firm is with you from the beginning to the end of your marriage process, taking the leading role in providing documents, obtaining a health report, making an appointment with the municipality and bringing this appointment forward. You can reach us from the link below and get free consultation.

The following documents must be submitted to the municipal registry offices for marriage:

* 6 Passport Photographs.

* Medical Report from State Hospitals or Health Center affiliated to the Ministry of Health. Health Reports for Marriage from Private Health Institutions T.C. It must be approved by the District Health Board.

* Non Married Certificate, if there is a Consulate of own country in Istanbul, a Certificate of Celibacy will be obtained, and this document will be approved by the Istanbul Governorship Legal Affairs Directorate or the District Governor’s Registrar’s Office. Those whose consulate is in Ankara, They must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the Certificate of Celibacy is to be obtained from his/her own country, It must be certified by the embassy or have an apostille approval. (Moroccan citizens are required to obtain their Celibacy Certificates from their consulate in Istanbul.)

*Documents with titles such as Identity Registration Sample, Identity Copy, Identity Card Sample are not accepted.

* Documents received from honorary consulates are invalid.

 *Birth Certificate (If the mother’s name, father’s name, place of birth and date of birth are specified in the celibacy certificate, a birth certificate is not required.)

*Countries such as Germany-Netherlands-Austria-Italy-Portugal-Switzerland-Moldova-Belgium-Spain-Greece-Luxembourg are required to obtain an International (Multilingual) Marriage License and an International (Multilingual) Birth Certificate.

*For foreign couples, it is obligatory to present a passport or passport substitute travel document or a photographic identity document issued by the authorities of the country of nationality to present an identification document with a picture and approved, and a notarized translation.

*Foreign nationals must not have expired their residence permit, work permit or visa. If these periods expire, the marriage cannot be realized.

* One photocopy of the prepared documents is required.

Note: The information in the passport and the information on the bachelor and birth certificate must be exactly matched. Birth and celibacy certificates must be translated and notarized in Turkey.

How Long Does it Take to Get Married in Turkey?

As Cebeci&Bayram Law Firm, we provide two options for our clients. For normal process the signature/ceremony date will be 1-1.5 months later. For fast service we take the appointment for one week later.

How Much Does it Cost to Marry in Turkey?

Our price for marriage service is for normal process $1000 and for fast process $2000. You can contact us to start your wedding right away.