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Mert Can BAYRAM is a member of the Istanbul Bar Association and the Union of Turkish Bar Associations. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2017, and before he opened his own law office, he worked in İstanbul's leading law offices. He specializes in foreigners law, corporate law, real estate kaw, labor law and criminal law. He gives consultancy to many domestic and foreign companies. As a staunch animal rights advocate, Mert Can BAYRAM works as a voluntary lawyer on the Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP). He studied English at the "English House of London" in London, and completed the "Legal English" given by the Istanbul Bar Association. His IELTS score of 2017 is 7.0. He has also mediator certificate.

With our reliable, accountable and transparent perspective, we provide a service that our clients can reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are aware of the difficulties of living and doing business in a country where you are unfamiliar with its language, culture and people. For this reason, we want to be with you every step of the way in Turkey, and help you grow your business in a legal and safe manner. Our law firm is able to advise clients in Turkish and English and we can prepare all required correspondence and legal documentation in these languages.

Molierac, who is one of the masters of the legal profession definies lawyers as “While performing our duties, we adhere to nobody; not to the client, not to the judge and nor to the government. We do not claim that there are people below our level. However, we do not recognize a hierarchical seniority either. There is no difference between the one who is the most junior and the one who is the most senior or the one with a reputable name. The lawyers did not have any slaves; but did not have any owners either.”

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